Case Study: Atlatl Software - Charleston SC

Tech | Charleston SC

Client:  Atlatl Software

The Situation: Atlatl Software, a Charleston-based up and coming pioneer of the Sales Resource Planning (SRP) software category and sister company to SafeRack, a leader in EPC services and custom loading platforms and gangways for truck, railcar and industrial safety application, opened their new office in downtown Charleston SC in 2015. They and their design firm, LS3P Interiors, and architect, Henry J. Smith Architects, reached out to us to coordinate the office furnishings in their new facility. Being a fast-growing tech firm, it was important they present a contemporary and industrial aesthetic, using the architectural interests in the renovated building.  

The Challenge:

  •  implement an industrial, polished design with highly customized pieces incorporating glass and metal
  •  coordinate with interior design firm and client contacts 
  •  work around a tight timeline with several phases of carefully managed after-hours installations
  •  coordinate delivery in a busy downtown location

Our Solution:
Through teamwork between our sales and design team, LS3P's fantastic designers, and our client, a space plan, furniture design, and installation schedule were all laid out to meet the challenges presented. Opening a large new office is daunt-ing and wrought with often unforeseeable glitches, so alleviating the worry over furniture for our client was a top priori-ty. Our team and LS3P created a furniture plan that included streamlined and easily reconfigured modular workstations, chic lobby and dining furniture, and some truly stunning custom pieces for key areas such as boardrooms.

The Result: 
After extensive work from everyone, and overcoming plenty of hiccups (because any project of such substantial size is bound to encounter hiccups), the result is exactly what Atlatl's team was looking for: Polished, industrial yet warm and modern furnishings they can grow in that strongly reflects their branding. Many thanks to LS3P Interiors for working to-gether to create such a dynamic design!

Featured Products:
  •  AIS - Utilized a combination of Divi, Calibrate, and Matrix lines in light greys and whites.
  • DARRAN - Hyde Park in Gray Stone laminate and Spaces in Walnut/Light Walnut veneer
  • Global Furniture Group - Wind lounge seating in light greys and chrome
  • ERG International - Highly custom Malibu curved modular seating unit for dining area, built to perfectly fit against matching architectural half wall and appear to be one entire unit.
  • Fulbright & Co. - Completely custom designed boardroom tables in glass-topped wood stained to match corporate Pantone color.
  • RFM Seating - Tech 1400 chairs in black and grey.
  • Source International - Purl, Hall, Botte, Tier in shades of grey or russet to coordinate with corporate color scheme
  • SurfaceWorks - Soho break area tables and Freedom height adjustable tables in shades of white and light grey
  • Dauphin - Aspetta lounge chairs in grey

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