Competitive Comparison: AIS versus the “BIG” brands.

We’re finding that more and more architects and interior designers are seeking alternatives to the closed line “BIG” brands. Some of these brands include SteelCase, Knoll and Herman Miller.

While we respect the “BIG” brands, we recognize that not everyone has the same needs. Architects and interior designers tell us they want quality furniture, fair prices, open lines, and most of all, excellent service.

With this free comparison, you will get a grasp on the differences between AIS (our brand), SteelCase and Knoll.

You will be able to compare:

  • General features
  • Panel options
  • Panel specifications
  • Connection
  • Accessories
  • Electrical options
  • Worksurface options
  • Finish options
  • Average price differences
Competitive comparison: AIS versus the “BIG” brands.

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