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Office Room Dividers - Charlotte, NC

Has your office given new meaning to the term “great open spaces?” Does excessive noise and the lack of privacy affect your ability to conduct business effectively? Are you and your employees finding yourselves easily distracted by workplace chaos? Or, has your business has grown, but the space has not? Then you’re likely in the market for office room dividers (if you aren't, you should be).

Connecting Elements is your source in Charlotte, NC for office room dividers, partitions and cubicles.

office room dividers charlotte nc

How Productive is Your Workspace?

While many employees prefer communal workspaces, having a layout that’s too open can decrease your company’s productivity. Easy access to other workers can create a counterproductive social environment. Ineffective traffic and process flow can slow down production. And the lack of privacy can impact your ability to seamlessly entertain clients. For this reason, it’s important to design an office layout conducive for collaboration, processes and visitors.

If you have relocated to new or larger office space or are reorganizing existing office, our office space planning specialists can help you select, arrange and install the best partitions for your needs and budget.

Types of Partitions for Office Space

Freestanding Office Partitions

Freestanding office partitions are also known as modular office walls. They are movable office room dividers that offer businesses great layout flexibility, though limited noise reduction. These room partitions can be configured and reconfigured quickly into almost any design, or office furniture layout, to compliment your office needs.

Floor to Ceiling (Full Height)

Floor-to-ceiling partitions divide workspaces to create standalone rooms without involving permanent construction. Generally constructed out of metal and glass and often including a fully functional door just like a traditionally constructed room, these office room dividers can be rearranged, moved and removed relatively simply.

Portable Office Partitions

Portable office partitions are temporary walls on rollers -- the least permanent installation with the greatest movability. However, unlike other office room dividers, portable office partitions provide the least value for noise reduction and privacy.

Accordion Walls

Similar to full-height partitions, accordion wall partitions fully enclose spaces; however, they also need to be anchored to a track on the ceiling or to wall mounts. These temporary walls can also be arranged freely to create different setups and “folded” to open a space completely. The downside is they tend to be less aesthetically pleasing and provide a lower level of sound buffering than floor to ceiling partitions.

Wall Mounted Office Partitions

Wall mounted partitions connect to the wall on one end dividing a space from the same endpoint with each new setup. These types of office room dividers work best when you need a permanent solution and excellent sound proofing. These often have metal frames with concrete cores and are heavy, but there are exceptions that provide sound buffering without being cumbersome. They are usually covered in fabric or laminate and can often be ordered to match your surrounding decor.

Glass Office Partitions

Glass office partitions are a stylish way to reduce noise and maintain an open office feel. Glass partitions can be installed using full or half-height panels and with or without a frame. Venetian blinds or privacy screens can accompany these modern office room dividers to add additional privacy.


Cubicles are convenient if you need to modify workstation configurations quickly. And, they are ideal for making the best use of small spaces. Cubicles are available in varying heights depending on the level of collaboration and privacy needed.

Whether you’re in a new space or modifying an existing space, we can help you design an efficient office layout by choosing and installing the right office room dividers for your Charlotte, NC workspace. We specialize in making offices work.


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