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10 Unconventional Creative Office Space Design Ideas

We’ve already written about workplace hacks that eliminate stress and boost productivity in the workplace. But in order to really kick your team’s creative juices up a notch you want an office environment that flat out makes people feel good. Especially when it comes to appealing to millennials.


1. IdeaPaint

Instead of blank, boring office walls that encourage folks to use up thousands and thousands of Post-Its (though that was admittedly cool), why not provide a space for ideas to flourish?

Studies show that visual brainstorming produces more innovative ideas than does verbal brainstorming. And having a visual canvas where you can produce ideas keeps one person from dominating the conversation. As more companies move into an agile environment, teamwork and collaboration is key, so why not facilitate that unused wall space so your employees can use it to create?

A product like IdeaPaint turns a wall into a dry erase surface that works just like a whiteboard. Products like this have existed before, but they always fell short in terms of being able to cleanly erase old ideas to make room for new ones. Plus, it’s safe for the environment, and stink-free. That means those with sensitivities don’t have to suffer while you’re waiting for it to dry.

2. Hammocks

It might seem crazy to invite employees to lie down on the job. But now that employees have laptops that let them work anywhere, in any position, it can be great for morale to introduce some non-traditional pieces of furniture to the office. Plus, things like hammocks and beanbags can amp up productivity (studies show that there is a connection between clear thinking and being closer to the floor) while providing a good space for socialization after work hours.

3. Foot Hammock

If the idea of placing full hammocks around your office is giving you pause, consider a desk hammock for employees to put their feet on. Adjustable for a work position or a relaxing position, little touches like this add novelty and comfort to the desk area.

This is also a lesson in office ergonomics. Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can wreak havoc on a person’s back, neck and legs. It’s recommended that you keep your feet flat on the floor while you sit at your desk, unless your chair is too high.

Providing the option of a foot hammock will not only be a back-saver for your less-than-tall workers, it will also provide a nice respite from the forced desk posture one must maintain for proper spine health.

4. Pimp your paperclips

Office supplies don’t have to be boring. And the ability to personalize one’s desk space may have a huge positive impact on an employee’s state of mind. In cases where an office has an open layout, the ability to inject one’s own personality into their workspace could boost their cognitive functions and enable them to minimize discomfort associated with a lack of privacy.

Fun paperclip holders, fancy paperclips, fun tape dispensers, fun sticky notes and other non-traditional office supplies can turn a blah office into a “rah” office. Letting employees pick from a list of fun items for their desk or giving them a budget to order their own office supplies can allow employees to personalize with items that are useful.

5. Pop Desk Phone

As the mobile world charges ever forward, more and more employees are using their mobile phones to make business calls. But some people really love the retro look of an old POP handset.

With POP DESK, you get the best of both worlds. The handset can connect to the phone so you can view your mobile screen while talking, and the anti-slip pad holds the cell phone in a safe place.

This frees up desk space and provides a place for employees to put their mobile phone where it has direct access to charging and syncing. And, it’s right in front of them while they work.

6. Tame those cords and Your Magnet

A cluttered desk can hamper productivity. And it might even contribute to higher instances of illness.

Tangled computer and phone cords certainly add to clutter and can downright ruin the landscape of the desk. Plus, loose and tangled cords mean weaker cords, which is hard on office computers and other equipment.

Cable organizers are a great option to solve the wild cable problem, and Your Magnet is great for cord management — even to prop up a cell phone. A clean desk is a happy desk.

7. Project from almost anywhere

Giving employees the opportunity to project a presentation from anywhere can mean at least two things for your company. Firstly, meetings, collaborations, and presentations can happen anywhere, which means increased productivity. Secondly, these tiny projectors are pretty darn cool, and employees will enjoy using them.

New technology can simplify communication, create mobility, and increase morale. Plus, how impressed will your clients be with your team’s ability to share impressive presentations at a lunch meeting?

8. Flip Your Status

There is something to be said for simple, old-fashioned communication with a twist. Sure, your employees can set their out-of-office message when they go to lunch, go to a meeting, or leave early for a game of indoor soccer. But what about the people who stop by their desk to ask them a quick question? They could write their whereabouts on a sticky note or flip to the correct tile and be done with it.

Giving employees an alternative method of communication can be good. And, giving them multiple ways to let everyone who is trying to reach them makes them feel better and more responsible — be it phone, email, in person, or carrier pigeon (OK, we haven’t figured out the pigeon part yet).

9. Go ahead lounge around

Earlier, we talked about alternative furniture options to make your office cooler and more functional than a traditional office. We also talked about how offering fun, more comfortable office furniture can liven up the workspace. What’s more fun and comfortable than a body-hugging beanbag chair?

There are health benefits, too. Instead of an employee having to constantly shift around to find the best position, the beanbag molds to their body. Think of it as a “memory foam” desk chair.

10. Sprinkle some greenery here and there

Finally, liven up the workplace for real with some living plants. Not only are they pretty to look at, some experts say that having plants in the office decreases stress and enhances productivity. Plant advocates have gone so far as to say that a little greenery in the office can even attract and retain employees. The power of nature, right here at your fingertips.

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