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12 Executive Desks You’ll Fall in Love With. Find Out Why.

Gone are the days when an ornate oak desk in a corner office indicated a higher rung on the corporate ladder. Today’s executives operate in a variety of environments that range from open and collaborative workspaces to more formal and traditional offices.

No matter the office design, today’s executive needs a home base that can accommodate a one or several digital devices, such as a desktop computer, laptop, printer, tablet, landline and perhaps a mobile phone or two.

With 76 percent of employees reporting they use a desktop computer for work-related tasks and 24 percent reporting they use a laptop, desks with easy access to outlets and data jacks (or better yet, with built-in outlets and jacks) are necessary in today’s work environments. The right desk supports an orderly workflow, keeps your devices charged and communicates that you’re working smarter, not harder.

What does today’s desk look like?

Must you sacrifice form for function? After all, that ornate oak desk did set the tone for those who approached the smartly dressed CEO seated behind it.

These days, you can have personality and looks.

Modern executive desks are available in a range of aesthetic options. From clean, simple lines fit for a forward-thinking designer to rich finishes suited for a senior attorney, we’ve compiled a list of 12 executive desks (most with equally-impressive separate storage options) for you to feast your eyes on.

Though we can vouch for our selections’ top-notch functionalities, you will have to narrow down the options when deciding the tone you’d like to set in your workspace.

Settle in and envision the corporate culture you’re creating. Think of our list below as a speed-dating round—where you may just meet the desk of your dreams.

12 Eligible Executive Desks for Every Business

Meet OFS: The Modern Gent

We’d like to introduce you to three executive styles from OFS, a company that has been making furniture for over 75 years. OFS is dedicated to creating desks that are “designed for the modern business that aspires to create a culture of success and innovation.” If innovation is part of your mission statement, these options are for you.

  • 1. Classic – The Classic is a detailed, timeless option that blends easily with modern furniture for those bridging the gap between the two in your workspace.
  • 2. Aptos – This versatile desk is a good choice if your design tastes tend to change. The Aptos’ mix of materials - including leather, glass, and stone - accommodates various aesthetics.

Meet JSI: The Jack of All Styles

The following four styles from JSI made our list as JSI specializes in traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles of business furniture. Sound like a good fit for your workspace? Take a look.

  • 3. iXY Rationalized – If you’re faced with the challenge of bringing an open feel to a private office, you may find your home base in this minimalist choice.
  • 4. Collective Office – The Collective Office executive desk prioritizes the functionality of your day-to-day work process and is user-oriented.
  • 5. Broadway – Not only is this desk able to be built to your preferences, but it has multiple options for integrating technology.
  • 6. Apogee – Featuring both emerging technology and organizational tools, the Apogee desk also has a sliding door option for a clean look when your technology is not in use.

Meet Global: The World Traveler

As the name suggests, Global provides executive desks for clients all over the world in an array of environments. Our top two favorites include:

  • 7. Zira – The Zira offers countless options in both shape and size while making efficiency and organization top priorities.
  • 8. Corby Veneer Executive – If you’re a fan of the enduring mid-century modern aesthetic, you’ll find your match in the Corby in wood veneer, new for 2017.

Meet DARRAN: The Bespoke Gent

Finally, meet DARRAN. Woman-owned and family-operated, DARRAN has been manufacturing “built-to-order” executive desks for a range of workspaces and budgets for nearly 40 years. They’re also leaders in sustainable manufacturing and can even help your company get LEED certified should you so choose. May we introduce the following three executive styles…

  • 9. Central Park – The Central Park desk is for the multitasking executive who prefers to have multiple design options.
  • 10. Rift – The Rift has an adjustable height. Its signature play on thick and thin design make this desk both modern and minimalistic.

Get help finding the perfect furniture match

Stop seeing your current desk if the relationship isn’t working.

Streamline your workflow and represent your company culture by selecting a desk suited to you and your needs. If one of the eligible executive desks mentioned above struck your fancy, allow us to introduce you. We are happy to play matchmaker. Give us a call at 877.779.3409, or fill out our contact us form online when you’re ready to fall in love—with furniture, of course.



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