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3 Types of Office Furniture That Will Transform a Large Room

Office Furniture to Break up a Large RoomA new  office space is a blank slate. Despite the exciting potential in designing expansive rooms to your taste, the task can be overwhelming.

A big room holds big promise, and needs to foster both productivity and collaboration. Whether there’s a handful or hundreds of employees congregating there, the room should be functional and aesthetically pleasing at once.

But, where do you start?

Commercial property managers rarely allow you to knock down walls, put up new ones or install permanent fixtures. And really, few businesses have the resources to do so. But that doesn't mean you have to resort to a  cubicle farm or choose just one design approach. Several solutions can work together under one roof to meet your company’s design needs.

3 Possible Solutions for One Vast, Empty Room

1. Modular Seating

When you think about modular seating, picture a restaurant or coffee shop you can customize to suit your business’s productivity needs. Whether your employees need to huddle up for a quick meeting or go off by themselves to focus on individual tasks, modular seating can provide spaces to meet their needs.

Clusters of furniture invite workers to come together and maximize collaboration. They can huddle-up in a comfortable space when face-to-face interaction is essential on a project. Plus, many modular seating styles offer built-in power so you can stay charged up wherever you are.

High-back seating options allow you to create the feel of a small private conference room without erecting walls and installing doors. Low-back pieces accentuate a space’s openness without blocking workers off from the rest of their surroundings.

With either, employees can be seen by everyone else in the room, while maintaining the solitude and comfort they need to focus on the work at hand.

2. Acoustical Partitions

Acoustical partitions divide your space both sonically and visually. They minimize distractions brought on when groups work on different tasks in close proximity.

Partitions dampen the noise from a group to lessen its interference with those nearby. Accounting staff can hold a meeting on one side of the partition without bothering the sales staff on the other.

These attractive false walls visually separate the room as well. Strategically placed, individuals and groups can have their own spaces. With partitions, you don’t need floor-to-ceiling walls to define an office space.

3. Powered Benching

Powered benching combines efficient space usage with technological connectivity. Minimalist workstations make the most of every square foot in the room, and this solution continues the clean, minimalist look.

You can run electrical and data lines through the pieces, affixing monitors to tabletop dividers and leaving as much surface area as possible for getting things done.

This option facilitates quick collaboration among employees. They don’t even have to get up to hold a meeting — it can all happen right at their workstations. Your workers can share and discuss ideas, then immediately dive into their individual tasks.

Remember, you don’t have to pick just one option. Your office should reflect your brand’s unique culture. Deck out your large room with the furniture that best works for your business.

Are you struggling with a large room? Would you like help transforming it into a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing workspace?

Dial 877.779.3409 or use this form to get in touch with us to talk about how we can transform that large room in to a highly productive, aesthetically pleasing office space.

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