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4 Essential Pieces of Office Furniture Every Business Needs

Conference tables. Reception chairs. Workstations. Accessories.

Selecting the right office furniture is just the beginning.

There are so many options to choose from and factors to consider. And this is true for brand new office spaces furnishing for the first time or existing ones needing to keep up with the company's changing needs.

Just about every company wants quality, durable furniture with a price tag the budget can withstand. And thriving businesses in the Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC areas want an office fit with furniture that positively impacts productivity, collaboration and company culture.

So where do you begin?

We've said before: it's important to make a list of wants vs must-haves. But how do you know what's critical?

Here are the top four essentials necessary for every business need.

1. Room Dividers

Much easier than putting up or tearing down walls, room dividers accomplish the same results without the mess. Go casual with tall book cases, or go formal with mobile screens or commercial office partitions.

Room dividers are a quick way to reduce noise and add privacy to an open concept office. Dividers can also be used to guide the flow of traffic around the office. Plus, these free standing "walls" are more versatile than the real thing and can be easily relocated to change configuration of your office space.

2. Modular Office Cubicles

Okay, so cubicles don't have the best reputation in terms of office furniture, and many a cubicle dweller has dreamed of escaping the cubicle farm into a swanky office with a view. But let's get one thing straight: today's office cubicles are not the drab, grey cubes of yesteryear.

Modular cubicles are flexible and adaptable. In other words, they are easy to re-purpose depending on your company's needs. Organize your cubicles however you want -- in small clusters for collaborative teams or in separated sections to ensure quiet workspace.

3. Ergonomic Chairs

Quality office chairs are not just about comfort. Ergonomic chairs have been shown to increase employee productivity. If that seems like a far-fetched claim, think about this: chairs that cause discomfort cause the people sitting in them to fidget, readjust and get up to stretch or walk around.

Worst case scenario, chairs that cause back pain could lead to employees missing work to go to the chiropractor or the doctor, and reduce the tasks they are capable of doing.

Either way, that results in less work getting done. Because ergonomic office chairs are highly adjustable, each employee can customize their chairs to maximize their personal comfort. And by extension, they'll be maximizing their productivity as well. In a nutshell, "Stay comfortable, stay productive."

4. Tables

"Work" is often synonymous with "meetings," and meetings tend to require conference tables. Luckily there are a wide variety of tables available from office furniture providers.

Depending on your company's needs and style, you can choose from glass tables for a sophisticated look or mobile tables that can be moved around the office on a moment's notice. There are also folding, flip-top and modular conference tables that provide more flexibility when needed.

At Connecting Elements, we love talking tables and chairs -- or really any office furnishing need. If you're in Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC or the surrounding areas, stop in for a visit. Need a consultation? Give us a call at 877.779.3409, or send us an email.

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