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4 Office Room Dividers That Will Improve Your Office Space

There are many reasons you might want to consider room dividers in Charlotte, NC. Let's take a closer look at a few common scenarios.

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Imagine you have a six month long project starting and need a private room for the researchers to use, but your office space is limited. You can’t very well build a whole new room that would just need to be torn down six months from now. What are you going to do?

Maybe you just reorganized your infrastructure and need to redirect the traffic flow, but funds are tight and time is short. How will you get this done?

Perhaps you started accepting customers into your office and need a more private area to meet with them that absorbs sound but your lease does not allow for construction of walls. What options do you have?

What if there are staff members you love, who really know how to get the job done, but a couple of them constantly butt heads from office furniture that is too close for comfort, and it’s causing problems. How can you resolve this without changing staff?

You know the saying: Divide and conquer. Sometimes, you just have to give people a little office space of their own. And you can, with these handy-dandy, movable, affordable tools we’re talking about today. These bringers of peace and givers of space go by many names: room dividers; office partitions; cubicle walls.

You might be asking, "Are there important differences between them? What kinds are available? Which ones should my business use?" We’re going to cover 4 of the major types of office space room dividers out there, and hopefully these will help you get on a good track for your office space planning.

4 Types of Room Dividers Charlotte, NC Businesses are Using To Divide and Conquer

1. Existing Room Dividers

If your budget is closer to “we don’t have a budget” but you have some office furniture you can move around, then these existing office dividers may be the solution for the woes of your office space privacy and traffic flow.

  • Tall bookcases placed next to each other can provide both visual and sound privacy. Plus, you can use them for storage or add decorative touches such as plants or art pieces to bring a touch of elegance to the space.
  • Filing cabinets can also often be lined up to give a visual break and redirect the traffic flow. Although these do require a good bit more space, they can certainly work in a pinch or in a more spacious area.
  • Clever placement of seating such as club chairs and sofas can serve as walls and traffic directors.
  • Do you have some tall plants? If so, these also make great room dividers on a tight budget! Set them around the area at issue for instant office privacy.

2. Mobile Screens

Mobile panel screens are a great way to give some privacy no matter where you’re at. Some are customizable with your choice of laminate, glass or even whiteboard panels. Most of these room dividers come with casters so you can just roll your office partition screen wherever it’s needed, or push it out of the way when it’s not. 

3. Cubicle Walls

Standalone cubicle walls provide the benefit of better soundproofing than most other partitions or room dividers. They’re also preferable when you need your divider wall to butt up directly against a desk or other work surface to create its own private cubicle. This style of room divider is heavier, thicker and often covered in fabric, which adds to the sound-absorbing ability. To get the quality you need for this particular purpose, we suggest checking out these GPS II cubicle wall panels by Global Total Office.

4. Commercial Office Partitions

If you’re looking for something to present a more upscale image for your office in Charlotte, NC, or you have some uniquely shaped areas to partition off, then commercial office partitions could be the best answer for you. These are usually lighter in weight with more emphasis on customization, visual impact and re-configurability and less emphasis on soundproofing. They can add a more artistic element to your office design, and offer a great solution to curvatures in your office interior design. One of our favorite go-to commercial office partition and room divider lines is Slalom modular partitions by Peter Pepper.

What You Can Do Next

Often, an internet image search for office room dividers can get you started with ideas, or a visit to our Pinterest gallery to get on the right path of dividing and conquering your office room divider dilemma!Or, as always, we have a super-friendly staff of folks who would be happy to chat with you about your options for your space planning, room dividers, and more.

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