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4 Types of Conference Tables for the Modern Office

Traditionally, conference tables have been room-spanning slabs good for sitting around and setting things on. Their bulkiness usually required an office dedicated to their mass. Offices, in fact, that were utilized just once a week or even less.

Sound familiar? Well, it doesn't have to be.

If your Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC business is looking to conserve space and resources while maximizing productivity and profit, then consider upgrading from traditional conference tables to contemporary conference tables.

What is available?

Modern conference tables are available in various formats, including modular, mobile, glass, and folding.

Modular Tables

Modular office furniture is a shining star in the 21st century corporate setting. But, what exactly is modular furniture?

When something is "modular", it's composed of standardized units standardized to be easily constructed and accommodate flexible arrangement. Modular conference tables are lightweight, durable, streamlined, and reconfigurable. That means if your needs change, even from day to day, your conference and office tables can change with them.

conference tables charlotte nc columbia sc

Modular conference tables and office tables are available in a wide assortment of shapes, from the traditional oval and rectangular tables to crescent, rhombus, and triangular shapes, as well as custom cuts. You can order tables in a combination of shapes designed to fit together to make large or unusually configured conference or training table groupings, like the one seen here.

Imagine that! Your conference table can be your training tables, break room tables, an hospitality tables. Or, they can be neatly stowed away in a fraction of the space while you use that space for something else. As an added benefit, modern modular tables offer seamless wire integration and cable management.

Most conference and training needs require electronic devices, table-top power, and data grommets - each creating a wire highway across your work table. While table top data and power grommets are certainly available, more table manufacturers are integrating wire channels inside the table legs and installing the data and power ports on the edges of the tables, as seen in the OFS Eleven conference tables.

Mobile Tables

What if you don't need your tables to reconfigure for different uses but instead need them to move from one area to another. Modern conference tables are available with slim, strong, sleek, one-piece leg, and frame units with easy-slide glides or with casters. This gives them the ability to slide or roll and be moved by almost anyone in your office. They're lightweight as compared to the behemoths of the past that were doomed to stay where they were installed.

Plus, these mobile office tables can feature flip-tops for nesting. And what does that mean, exactly? It means you can flip a lever under the table top, lift the top upright, and slide the tables next to each other so they're nested together in a small space. So, a room full of modular conference tables or training tables can be condensed to a closet.

Glass Tables

Glass always has been, and always will be, a favorite material choice for office tables. It provides a sleek, streamlined look that encourages the table to blend with its surroundings and put more focus on the architecture - essentially making a small room feel bigger.

Simple, elegant, and timeless, glass conference tables are easy to care for and best used when there isn't much need for data and power ports. It partners well with laminate, veneer, and fabric to create a modern and sophisticated office.

Folding Tables

When you think of folding tables, you likely picture the good old, lightweight, office table standby with legs that fold up underneath it. The downside to the traditional style of folding table is that once you've folded the legs up, the table either has to be lifted and carried to storage or loaded onto a table dolly to be rolled to its resting place.

Sometimes folding tables are your best option; however, let's consider a modern alternative. Flip-top nesting tables.

A flip-top nesting table is a modular office table built with a flip lever under the table top that allows you to lift the top upright, and slide the tables next to each other so they're nested together in a small space. The tables are usually available with locking casters, which let you flip it up, roll it to its destination, lock the casters, and be assured it won't go away. Thus, a room full of modular conference or training tables can be condensed to a closet, and there's no big production in making that happen.

Regardless of the nature of your business, or whether it is located in Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC you can always call or contact us. We will be happy to help you figure out which kind of office tables will work best for you!

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