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Commercial Flooring: Considerations for Your Office Space

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In this article, you will learn just how important flooring is to your office space and why it should never be an afterthought when it comes to office space design. 

Starting with the color of the design to the direction you orient it, flooring helps you define functional areas without spoiling the continuity of your interior vision. 

Designing Corporate Spaces: A Psychological Approach

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Investing in office design is an investment in your employees. Companies are discovering that purposeful design of office spaces is increasing employee productivity and improving employee performance, which yields more profit and saves money over time.

How do you work? The Rise of the 5th Work Mode.

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The meeting notification on your desktop signals a strategy session that’s starting in an hour.

You shift into focus mode as you review notes from meetings prior. A silent, uninterrupted brainstorm produces the ideas you’ll bring to the table.

Creating a Collaborative Office Space - Start Here

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The days of cubicle farms and divided offices are numbered, if not a distant memory. Companies are increasingly opting for more open, fluid workspaces, complete with shared tables, comfortable couches and cozy reading nooks.

Why the surge in popularity of this type of design? How do today’s employers...


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