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Choosing the Right Brand of Furniture for Your Industrial Business

When most people hear the word “industrial furniture,” their minds immediately turn to sterile, cold pieces in muted tones that serve a function, but in no way enhance the aesthetics of the space. For others, “industrial furniture” brings up visions of unpleasant dividers used to transform an open office space into a maze of tiny, personality-less cubicles. And all of those old vignettes of the past are still available for purchase.

But what if you need safe, reliable, sustainable furniture and you need to attract and retain top talent in a modern, forward-thinking work environment?

Today, industrial office designers have a plethora of attractive and customizable options to select from that will accomplish all of your goals.

So it’s time to check whatever negative notions you have about industrial furniture and wake up to the modern trends in office furnishings.

Where to Begin

While this abundance of industrial furniture options is certainly a good thing, too many options can present a challenge — how do you decide what’s right for your business?

Our clients tell us all the time, “we don’t do design.” You develop web pages, or sell women’s fashion, or process medical paperwork.

Well, that’s why we’re here—to guide you through the process.

When you’re designing your office space, you want form. You want function. Maybe you want a little pizzazz.

And you can have it all. First thing to do is select the right brand.

Basics to Look For

There are brands that are good. Brands that are better. And of course, brands that are best.

But what separates the best brands from the rest?

Two primary things:

1. Quality Customer Service

You’re certainly not going to be the only business that the furniture manufacturer services, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel like you're the only business they care about.

The best manufacturers are responsive to your needs. They take your requests seriously and respond to them promptly.

If you don’t want to be left trying to work safely in a half-finished workspace for weeks, you want to prioritize selecting furniture lines that truly care about their customers.

2. A Variety of Options

You probably don’t want a stark, sterile office or one that looks and feels like everyone else’s. And you also don’t want to have to invest the time and effort into creating a mix-and-match space, piecing together the items you need from a dozen different brands.

By selecting a line that offers flexibility, you can improve your chances of easily securing both the aesthetic and the functionality you desire.

In (these) brands we trust

Those brand characteristics mentioned above are important. But do you really have time to vet every brand? Your goal is to buy new office furniture, not appoint a new supreme court justice.

Fortunately for you, working with industrial furniture brands is what we do. So we have separated the good-on-paper from good-in-practice.

Here are some of the go-to brands that deliver exceptional quality, service and selection time and time again:


At BOSTONtec, functionality and flexibility are their primary focuses. Specializing in workstations, surfaces, shelving, and utility equipment, this company employs an in-house engineering team to ensure that products do what they are supposed to and do it well.

Product developers pay particular attention to ergonomics, developing furniture and accessories designed to support the physical well-being of employees.


Thanks to consistent quality and conscientious customer care, this family business has become the nation’s leading producer of wire partition products. WireCrafters attributes much of its success to specialization. By concentrating efforts on the development of wire partitions, cages, machine guarding, storage and other wire-based furnishings, they’ve been able to become the very best at dealing with this material. Thanks to their ability to ship within 48 hours, this brand is a particularly stellar choice for designers who need it done now.

ABAL Material Handling

ABAL Material Handling provides specialized items that you may struggle to find elsewhere. From common items like cabinets, casters, and cranes, to more obscure dock equipment and storage containers, this brand provides a one-stop-shop. ABAL provides consistently high-quality materials that withstand heavy wear, allowing businesses to stretch the time between replacement. 

Strong Hold Plus

We consistently recommend Strong Hold Plus to our hard-to-satisfy businesses. Specializing in industrial cabinets, lockers and desks, this brand offers a particularly attractive option — customization. If you’ve been looking for the just-right product and have found your effort to be in vain, turn to this brand. Strong Hold provides durable and economical products quickly, potentially reducing the duration of your industrial redesign process.

A partner you can trust

Conducting an internet search is one way to select an industrial furniture brand for your business — but, we would argue, it’s far from the best way. It’s certainly not efficient.

Don’t put your trust in a brand you don’t really know based solely on some possibly-empty online promises. Instead, use our experience to your advantage.

Trust us to design your industrial remodel. We know which brands will meet your needs and can help you get it done on time, in-budget and to your exact specifications.

Call 877-779-3409 or fill out our online form.




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