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Desk Exercises You Can Use at Work

Do you feel too tired to get a workout in after a long day at work? Do you find yourself craving junk food after a stressful day at work? Have you heard of deskercises? Do you remember the age-old adage 'health is wealth'?

Without good health, we can’t do anything. Whether it’s working or taking care of our loved ones, nothing is possible. Fully devoting yourself to a job is quite an interesting and rewarding experience. However, it can also take a toll on your physical health, if you do not take the necessary precautions.

This article aims to educate you on simple deskercises and office fitness routines to ensure you are as healthy as you were when you walked into your office. Similarly, we will provide you with health tips to ensure you are in shape as you work.

Why office fitness?

Actually, if you are reading this article while seated, stand up immediately, or make sure you are doing something active while sitting. According to a study done by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a desk job increases your heart disease risk by 64%, while reducing your lifespan by 7 quality years. Careers that involve working at a desk for long hours have also been linked to chronic health problems like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and depression.

It is crucial for everyone to implement a regular office fitness routine to ensure your physical health is at the optimum level. Today’s employees are working longer hours and later in life. The traditional desk and chair model simply does not serve them well anymore.

As an employer in this modern day, you need to encourage your employees to do simple deskercises. Not only does it cut healthcare costs, but it also results in more productive and motivated employees. Furthermore, there is a new wave of office furniture which incorporates desk exercises to provide simple workouts for users while they work at their desk jobs. Therefore, you have no excuse! Always keep in mind that a healthy employee is a happy employee.

How to implement desk exercises into your regular office routine

Office Fitness Equipment

Office fitness has gained popularity in the corporate world now more than ever. After the popular phrase 'sitting is the new smoking' was brought to light by the Mayo Clinic, many companies have discovered the need to invest more in office fitness equipment. As such, the industry of supplying office fitness equipment and deskercises has experienced steady growth in the last few years.

Some popular office fitness equipment includes:

1. Ergonomic desks and keyboards

An ergonomic desk is a modern day working desk which features an adjustable table and chair. These pieces of furniture are specifically designed to maximize your comfort and efficiency during an eight-hour long day. On the other hand, an ergonomic keyboard reduces muscle tension and strain by ensuring your upper arms and elbows are always close to your upper body. They help you maintain a healthy posture and attitude while working at your desk.

2. Standing and treadmill desks

Another popular trend in office fitness equipment is the use of standing and treadmill desks as a healthier alternative to traditional desks. A study from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology discovered that women who sat more than 10 hours a day had a significantly increased risk of developing heart disease compared to women who sat for less than 5 hours in a day.

Instead of spending a full day sitting down and increasing your chances of suffering from a heart disease, why not purchase a standing or a treadmill desk? They get your adrenaline up and increases concentration levels in the workplace without taking up any additional space.

3. Ball chairs

Ball chairs provide employees with an unconventional and healthier option for sitting and working in your office all day. With no back aches and pains, you are assured of a mini-workout without leaving the comfort of your office. Furthermore, they come in different colors, sizes, and shapes, guaranteed to fit your specific taste.

4. Bicycle and elliptical desks

Do you enjoy cycling? Well, now you can cycle while working. Bicycle and elliptical desks offer a simple, comfortable and healthy solution for gaining more productive employees. It is just placed under your desk and you begin pedaling away, without inconveniencing anyone.

“Deskercises,” or Desk Exercises

Another way to implement a fitness regime in your daily work routine is to do deskercises. These are simple desk exercises which you perform at the comfort of your desk without disrupting your colleagues.

Yoga is known for being one of the best and most effective ways to relax and unwind especially during stressful times. So, why not incorporate some yoga stretches in your daily work routine?

Desk yoga entails doing a few stretches here and there to make all the difference in your journey to physical fitness. Try different poses every hour to ensure no strained body part is unattended to. Similarly, an ergonomic chair while doing desk yoga makes all the difference.

5 Tips to stay healthy at work

A corporate job in a top tier company is a very fulfilling and interesting experience for many. Staying healthy offers benefits such as fewer absent days from work and less stress for employees. Staying healthy is good for your pockets too, in that you have lower health care costs and health insurance premiums. So, how can you stay healthy?

1. Stay hydrated and active

When spending hours on end on your desk, you may lose track of the amount of water you take. However, you must make sure you drink a lot of water as it increases productivity, keeps you alert, refreshed, and promotes clear thinking.

2. Eat healthily

Avoid those sugary treats your colleague displays on his desk and step away from the junk. To maintain a healthy physical fitness routine, plan out your meals at the beginning of the week. Make sure you include a fruit, some lean protein, a salad or some fresh vegetables, and avoid mindless snacking.

3. Cleanliness

Ensure your work area is always clean and tidy. Organize all your documents in a pile and throw away any unnecessary paperwork. Preferably, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on your desk just in case and avoid any sick colleagues.

4. Take frequent breaks

Office work often puts us under pressure to achieve certain deadlines and finish certain projects, hence long hours sitting at our desks. We may even feel that taking a break is wasting time. However, not taking a break from work can make you mentally lethargic, hence reducing your creativity. Make it a point to get away from your desk and take the stairs. The idea is to take a breather and refresh your mind.

5. Maintain good posture

Maintaining excellent posture is a conscious effort. Most office employees, who use computers, slowly get drawn to them after staring at their screen for hours. They stretch their neck forward, putting pressure on the neck and the spine. With the help of desk exercises and ergonomic office fitness equipment, this can be avoided.

Looking to include some healthy options for your office?

Office fitness requires a great amount of effort. Good health and staying in good shape cannot be achieved overnight. It is important to incorporate deskercises into your daily routine. You will need dedication, discipline, and persistence to reap the benefits of office fitness routines. Include the above tips in your day-to-day routine to stay healthy and live for many more years to come. Thank us later!

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