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Furniture Design Considerations for Industrial Business Owners
Matthew Brosius

Furniture Design Considerations for Industrial Business Owners

The investment in industrial office furniture can quickly become overwhelming with numerous options, unique safety requirements, a budget, and a tight timeline to think about. Luckily, today’s furniture market offers a wide variety of industrial-specific options. How do you know what furniture options will be the best value and functionality for your industrial business? 

Important Factors of Industrial Furniture

When buying industrial furniture, take a moment to consider these components. Keep your workspace and needs in mind.

Define Your Needs

What are your needs within this space? Most often, this may include more shelving and filing spaces. You may need storage for specific supplies. You may need a larger workspace. What amount of space do you have to fill? And, how many people will be working with the furniture? This can define the amount and type of furniture you need.

When designing an office space within your industrial workspace, focus on the end task first. What needs to be accomplished? Then, incorporate furniture to produce that end design. It takes some work to determine the flow of this space, but once you do, you'll ensure your space works in the most efficient manner possible.

Consider Comfort

Though many place this down the road in terms of importance, the comfort level of any industrial furniture matters. Specifically, look for ergonomically correct pieces. One of the key benefits ergonomic office furniture offers is minimizing the risk of worker injury. When a worker suffers injury, he or she is going to create downtime for the company or a drop in productivity. That's expensive. However, proper furniture can minimize the risk of injury. In this way, furniture should be comfortable, supportive, functional, and overall designed for workers to use it easily.

Don't overlook the importance of keeping employees comfortable. Not only does it reduce the risk of injury, but it also ensures employees feel valued in their space. Old, outdated, and uncomfortable furniture is frustrating and can easily overwhelm even the most skilled and experienced team.

Durability and Strength Define ROI

One of the best reasons to buy industrial-specific furniture is because it is meant to last. This increases the return on your investment time and time again. In most industrial spaces, office furniture must be able to handle more rough wear and tear. In short, it is going to take a beating on a daily basis from the tasks done on it. Even in the best spaces, workers need to be able to count on these furniture pieces to handle the type of work they need to do.

And, to make it worth your while in costs, any piece of furniture should be designed to withstand this. Look for industrial furniture capable of lasting a long time, remaining in good condition, and continuing to provide a safe environment for your workers. When you invest in well-made furniture, and a design that fits your specific needs, it is worth the investment.

Meet Your Technological Advances

Today's industrial space continues to grow and change. Technology plays an even more important role than it did in the last few years. Many offices must upgrade and modernize their industrial furniture to address this. Technological advances in your space may range widely. Be sure the furniture you buy accommodates them properly.

A key to look at here is the type of equipment and tools you are now using. Are you using cloud-based software? Perhaps you are using more robotics. The tasks of your workers are changing as you implement these types of advances into your space. As a result, you need to update and modernize your furniture to match your employees' new needs. More so, many furniture manufacturers are providing ways for you to better integrate tech into your furniture design. This can help to minimize risks, make technology more accessible to your team, and provides enhanced productivity within your space.

Employee Retention Matters

How can industrial furniture play a role in employee retention? To keep your skilled workers present and performing at their best, it is critical to consider the advantages that new furniture can offer. Employees want and need to be comfortable while working on the job. However, they also need to be supported in their space.

In short, there's a significant labor shortage in many industrial spaces. But, by integrating technology, you reduce some of this pressure. To further do so, ensure your employees have comfortable and functional office furniture to allow them to do their job in the best way possible. When you do so, you reduce having to replace your all-important skilled workers. And, that means less money spent training new employees for the role. Design is a major component in keeping workers happy and feeling appreciated.

Within the industrial office space, the needs of the worker are different. And, the type of work you do here is unique – it's not nearly the same as a traditional office space. For that reason, companies must consider design and furniture pieces to accommodate their current operations. This may mean incorporating a design that reduces friction and enhances productivity. All of this creates a solid return on investment for any industrial furniture purchase.

Considering a furniture purchase for your industrial business?

Our team at Connecting Elements is here to help you through the furniture buying process for your workplace. Call 877-779-3409 to talk to an experienced specialist, or send us a note with any questions you have about your choices in furnishings.




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