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Help! We Need Office Furniture in Charlotte, NC. Where Do We Start?

Most of us have to use office furniture every day, but we don't think about it until it either stops working, or we have to leave it behind. In fact, you're probably using a piece of modern office furniture in Charlotte, NC right now. While reading this blog, you could be sitting in a cubicle, perched on a cafe' stool with your cup of coffee on a table, or relaxing on a bench outside of a business. It's everywhere, even in places that you don't think of as offices.

office-furniture-charlotte-ncSo what do you do when the time comes to replace the old, faded cubicles that have been in your office since 1975, or get your hard-working staff some ergonomic chairs to help with their aching back issues? This is where the first and most important question of buying office furniture comes into play:

Who do you turn to for the best help with office furniture in Charlotte, NC?

You might think of the big names in office supplies, but your business’s environment is not something you'll want to use a "big box" store for. Why? Because they will try to sell you whatever modern office furniture they have a lot of and need to move out of inventory. That's the nature of the big box business. Also, if what they sell you doesn't work well for your office space, they probably won't be there to help you sort it out. Or when a cubicle drawer gets jammed, they won't come out to look at it for you. If your chair drops a few inches every time you sit down, they probably won't help you get a replacement. Or if you need a custom item that is not part of the cookie-cutter selection the big box stores have, chances are that they won’t be able to help you.

No folks, this is the time to go local and find someone who can make your office work! And how do you do that? Well, if you’re reading our blog, you've made a great start towards utilizing a local, well-established dealer of office furniture in Charlotte, NC with a stellar service record that is comprised of an experienced and down-to-earth staff. The dealer you choose should be there to answer questions and help you figure out what you need, not what they need.

What should you look for to be sure you've found the right dealer of office furniture in Charlotte, NC?

  • Your dealer should have a design department, even if you just need a couple of new desks. Space planning in an office environment is key to keeping your office working efficiently and making a profit. Yep...profit. Every business needs it to survive and planning your office environment is a key to keeping it.

  • Your dealer should also have their own professionally trained installation crew with supervisors experienced in project management, thus cutting out the expensive and often error-riddled middle-man of sub-contracting.

  • Your dealer should have a distinguished reputation with a wide variety of commercial office furnishing manufacturers and vendors. If reputable manufacturers want to do business with your dealer, it usually means your dealer is known for fulfilling their obligations. Fulfilling obligations makes everyone happy!

  • Your dealer should have a solid service guarantee, and have steps in place to enforce it. You’re going to want some measure of assurance that, acts of nature notwithstanding, your project will be completed on-time, within budget and with no unpleasant surprises for you.

  • And most importantly, your dealer should have a long record of happy customers! Read as many testimonials and case studies as you can to get a feel for how your dealer works, but don't stop there. Check their social media pages for interactions and comments. Ask your business associates if they've ever heard about the dealer, or know someone who’s worked with them and find out what they liked, and what they didn't like about the dealer.

Once you've found an office furniture specialist that meets all of these criteria, you will have solidified the very best foundation possible for turning your office environment into the happy, well-oiled machine needed to keep building up your business.

Want to know more about starting the buying process for office furniture in Charlotte, NC? Be sure to check out our Services page to read all about it, and to brush up on the details of our guarantees!

Ready to start thinking about how to design your office space? Stay tuned to our blog because we’ll be addressing interior office design next!

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