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How to Speed Up Commercial Contracts with Staging

You’ve done the hard work to get eyes on your commercial property. From property listing websites, to for-lease and for-sale signs, appointments are being set.

But once commercial space shoppers are inside your doors, how do you keep them there?

How do you get them to visualize themselves in your space and eventually sign a contract?


When done well, property staging can be a game changer for your commercial property, helping you reel in leasing contracts faster than you can say “done deal.”

What is commercial property staging?

Staging is all of the efforts done to cast your commercial property in its best, most favorable light, by appealing to the senses of potential tenants or buyers.

Consider the model home that sprouts up in a newly-built residential subdivision.

Builders put their best home forward, showing off the features of every room. Freshly scented candles guide visitors from room to room—the kitchen, living area, bedrooms and baths - each stylishly decorated and immaculately staged.

Before the tour is over, would-be renters or buyers want to plop themselves down on that plush couch for a long nap in front of the roaring fireplace.

A staging success.

Strip away all the home’s decor, comfy furniture and space-enhancing mirrors, and potential home buyers have difficulty seeing how their family and furnishing can fit there. Like living in a home, tenants and buyers want to see themselves working comfortably in a commercial space.

In fact, nearly one-third of buyers are willing to overlook a property’s shortcomings when a property is staged. Plus, properties that are staged spend 73% less time on the market than those that aren’t.

How does staging speed up the leasing/selling process?

The goal of staging is to rent or sell a space—and quickly.

From the time it takes to get the signed contract to the quality of the tenants/buyers who will be taking over your space, take a look at how staging can speed up the leasing/selling process.


  • Makes your buyer believe they’re seeing a quality product and encourages them to move faster on securing a deal, as quality properties are hard to find
  • Creates visual appeal in commercial property that attracts quality buyers and tenants who are serious about leasing and making an offer before someone else does
  • Makes your property stand out prominently and in a favorable light against myriad other commercial properties for lease or sale
  • Allows tenants to visualize how the space will look with furniture, making it easier for them to “see themselves” in the space. As an added strategy, consider offering the convenience of purchasing or leasing the commercial property with the staged furniture included.

A few candles may be a sufficient first step when staging a home, but how does staging look in a commercial space? Just like a residential property, there are inside and outside areas to consider.

Staging from the inside out.

If you follow a few basic rules of thumb, you can make a success of your staging efforts. Extend your staging efforts to both the interior and exterior of your commercial property.

Interior tactics

The lobby is a potential customer’s first inside impression of your property. And hopefully soon, that customer will welcome his or her customers in that same space, so don’t leave that area without attention.

Potential buyers or renters are thinking about how their customers will feel when they walk into the space. From their initial step in the front door to the back supply room tour, take the following staging tactics into account.

Add appeal to the interior of your space by:

  • Including indoor plants and planters to add a warm, friendly touch to the entryway and enliven other areas of the space
  • Selecting furniture that is comfortable, inviting, useful and modern
  • Featuring the right executive desk to make a grand impression and showcase the office’s true capacity

Above all, keep your space spic and span—cleanliness will magnify the visual appeal.

Exterior tips

Equally as important as your lobby is the exterior of your building. No matter how immaculate you keep your indoors, if the outside looks run down, you’re going to turn away potential tenants. ”Curb appeal” is just as important for commercial spaces as it is for residential homes.

To boost your space’s curb appeal:

  • Repair cracks in your sidewalks and driveway
  • Seal your parking lot and repaint lines
  • Power wash your sidewalks and your building’s exterior
  • Keep your landscape manicured and fresh
  • Wash your windows to keep them dust- and pollen-free
  • Add a welcoming touch to your porch or patio space by including modern outdoor furniture and planters
  • Place trash and recycling receptacles outside to encourage people to help keep your property litter-free

Finally, whether you’re staging the interior or exterior of your commercial property, remember a fresh coat of paint will always help boost the property’s visual appeal.

Visualize success: Furniture for staging at your fingertips

Staging can increase your property’s potential and the dollars in your pocket. But finding the right furniture to best showcase your commercial property can be challenging.

If you need a helping hand, we’re here for you. Contact our Connecting Elements team online, or give us a call at 877-779-3409 to start exploring ways you can stage your commercial property.



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