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Modern Office Furniture - Flexible, Fashionable and Functional

Technology – the driving force in the modern world. Technology allows us to work practically from anywhere, anytime, and on anything. Because of it, our world is smaller than ever. Businesses in Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC can hold conferences in Singapore and Canada simultaneously; management can be more hands on with staff; and employees can switch locations as the need arises. Paperwork has been replaced with CPU towers, cords, and keyboards -- even those are becoming obsolete with the increased use of handheld devices, wireless accessories, and cloud technology.

modern office furniture

Constant Change

What does this mean for modern office furniture? First and foremost: adaptability. Quality, office furniture is designed to easily and efficiently adapt to a constantly changing environment. It’s lighter, slimmer, adjustable, ergonomic, and environmentally friendly. With less paperwork in contemporary corporate environments, there is less need for large office storage cabinets and drawers.

Modern office furniture trends toward modular designs with the ability to be pulled apart and reconfigured without major disruption to the workflow. And, privacy walls and partitions are more likely to be lightweight and movable, if not altogether mobile.

Hello Multipurpose Conference Rooms

Most modern office furniture pieces can serve multiple purposes. For example, contemporary conference tables are now often comprised of individual multipurpose tables that can be configured in a variety of different conference set-ups, like the Global ConnecTABLES. Or, you can eliminate the dedicated conference room altogether by utilizing multipurpose flip-top tables that can be stowed out of sight while the area is used as a training room, break area, or workspace.

Goodbye Stuffy Cubes

Even cubicles have moved on up into the modern office furniture world, incorporating flexibility, privacy, color, and sustainability into your updated office furniture design. Check out an earlier blog on contemporary office cubicles and open plan office design for ideas on how you can incorporate modern office cubicles into your streamlined and adjustable office space design.

Longer Lasting Office Chairs

What about modern office chairs? A chair is a chair, right? Well, not really. The open, collaborative, and highly flexible nature of the new corporate environment puts a higher demand on office chairs and office seating. More offices in Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC are utilizing 24-hour chair designs since there is often more than one person utilizing each chair. Office chairs need to be highly adjustable in order to accommodate different body types and allow comfortable use of handheld devices for long periods of time.

Contemporary lounge seating is often incorporated directly into the active work areas as seen here Not only does working lounge seating provide the staff with a more comfortable area to work using handheld devices, it’s a great set up to collaboration and on the spot brainstorming.

Standing Up to Work

Adjustable height workstations are also becoming more prevalent in modern office furniture. In Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC corporations are becoming more concerned about the efficiency, and thus the health of their staff, and many are utilizing standing height tables and modular desks in their interior office design. Not only are these height adjustable tables and desks healthier options, they also accommodate the needs of a changing office environment -- being able to be raised or lowered quickly and easily to allow switch up of staff members or projects.

If you’re starting to notice time lost on moving bulky desks or tearing down walls, or if you’re spending money frequently replacing office chairs, then it might be time to re-home that outdated office furniture. If you're in the Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC and not sure where to start, how much it might cost, or what the best modern office furniture options are for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly walk you through every stop of the process.

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Modern offices have characteristics that give the impression that working is more fun and comfortable. Just imagine the amount of comfort that you will experience by simply replacing old chairs with more functional alternatives. Absolutely, options are so abundant these days.

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I really like the article. Nowadays, many organizations have started renovating their present office furniture with new funky design. In my opinion, the furniture should be replaced instead of updating. A recent research shows that offices with vibrant colors on the walls and trendy workplace design yield out more productivity.

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