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New Technology in the Workspace for 2018

Technology is developing exponentially.

And this rapid growth can be intimidating, especially if you’re tasked with ensuring your office space is technologically up-to-date.

But who can afford a brand new tech overhaul every year and a half? And more importantly, is every update and upgrade necessary for employees to do their best work?

When it comes to tech adoption, burying your head in industrial-grade office carpet just won’t do. But spending like there’s no tomorrow in order to keep up (when a brand new tech update will likely come out tomorrow) isn’t the best option -- or your only option -- either.

Instead, check out our guide to new technology in the workplace to find a happy (and affordable) medium.

Why Keep Up?

Technology advancements are simply inescapable in the modern workplace, as people search for more efficient ways to work and engage with companies they love.

While constant upgrading can be a bank-breaking process, if you allow yourself to fall too far behind, you risk losing employees, customers and, ultimately, your competitive edge.

It’s no secret that both your stakeholders (employees and customers) expect the ease that only comes from a tech-enhanced workplace.

If you aren’t keeping up with tech advancements, you may be falling behind. It can come off as disorganization, puts you at risk of becoming irrelevant, and ultimately miss out on important opportunities.

What Upgrades to Prioritize

So you’ve discovered a newer, faster, charging station. Do you need it in your office?

The answer? Maybe.

Upgrading your technology is important, but if you upgrade every single time something newer and better enters the marketplace, you’re going to max out your technology budget at a record pace.

When deciding which technologies to upgrade, try these simple tips:

  • Prioritize data gathering and communication. The biggest bang for your budget buck will often come from technology that enhances your data gathering and analysis abilities, as well as those advancements that allow you to communicate more clearly and efficiently. Look at technological advancements that offer these two benefits, first.
  • Look inside – and outside – your industry. Know what tech your industry competitors have at their disposal. After all, how are you going to compete if your tech is lagging way behind? But then widen your focus to outside your field. If you want to be an innovator, look at ways in which people outside of your field are using technology and consider whether you could use technology similarly in your arena.
  • Follow the leaders. Thanks to social media, you have direct access to what innovative tech and business leaders are doing in terms of tech adoption. Take advantage of this not-previously-available insight and follow the tech-lead of industry leaders you most admire.

What to Watch

Each year, some emerging technology stars stand out from the pack. This year, a few office-related tech tools look to be more than just a flash in the pan but, instead, useful and innovative.

As you’re considering tech upgrades, pay particular attention to these options:

Wireless charging

Charge all of the portable devices your business depends on without wrangling wires with wireless charging options. Wireless charging cuts down on clutter and saves small chunks of cord-fighting time that can really add up.


With tablets, businesses of all types provide their customers better, faster and more professional-looking service. By arming your employees with tablets, they have all the answers your customers need at their fingertips.

Noise reducing headphones

Open-concept workspaces are all the rage. And they can be an effective option for many employees and certain work tasks. But when employees need to focus, open-concept design can present a problem. Noise reducing headphones remedy distracting noise, allowing workers to create their own, quiet cocoons in which to work.

Office automation control system

The same smart systems that homeowners have been depending on to keep their environment at the just-right levels can benefit those in your office as well. With remote access and smart sensors, you can ensure that climate and lighting controls are at optimal settings.

Personalized lighting system

The harsh lighting in many office environments has been a source of frustration for decades. Personalized lighting systems allow individual employees to customize their lighting preferences. And employers save on energy costs by turning off lights in spaces that aren’t in use.

Connected chairs

Putting the tech tools an employee needs within reach benefits both employee and employer. Connected chairs, featuring USB ports and privacy screens can allow workers to create their ideal environments.

Treadmill desks

While standing beats sitting, walking is an even healthier alternative when at work. Treadmill desks offer employees the opportunity to stay fit while getting their work done.

3D printers

With a 3D printer, you can produce rapid prototypes that impress clients and communicate your message in a way that drawings on paper never could.

Where to next?

Thanks to technology, workers today can work smarter, not harder. Though keeping up with technology can sometimes feel like fighting a losing battle, with a smart game plan and an eye on the up-and-coming technologies, you can capitalize on of the benefits technology offers, maximizing your business’ potential.

Ready to upgrade the technology your workspace? We’d love to help you prioritize technology upgrades that will keep your workspace up-to-date, while also keeping your budget intact.

Give us a call at 877-779-3409, or complete our online form.




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