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Matthew Brosius

Offices Changes Over the Decades-Part 1

From the invention of the light bulb to the invention of the typewriter, word processor, and the eventual computer, the modern office is nothing of its predecessor.


In the 1950’s, all employees were expectedto be dressed up every single day.  Could you imagine if todays workers were required to dress up everyday?  Executives had their own offices, but they were relatively barron.  They typicaly consisted of a desk, a chair, and a bookcase.  And the biggest difference of all…smoking was allowed in the office!  I am guessing this was before the Surgeon General’s warnings.  Non-smokers were forced to work and breath in this environment daily.  That could not have made for a very pleasant workplace.  Employees sat and worked at a desk with four legs and a fixed set of drawers. Beside the desk, a small separate table was used for the typewriters.  Before computers and floppy disks or USB drives, offices had massive metal file cabinets for records storage.  Can you imagine having to deal with all those papers and drawers!  Thank goodness for modern inventions.