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Resimercial Workspace: What Comes After Open-Plan Offices?

Resimercial design in the workplace keeps employees comfortable and productive. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of implementing these office furniture design elements in your company's next upgrade or remodel.

What are "Resimercial Workspaces?"

Resimercial is the merging of two words, residential and commercial, a design trend that incorporates a home-like atmosphere into workspaces. Offices reimagined in this manner go beyond open concept design to concentrate on comfort and style.

The term emerged first in the architectural engineering industry as a way to bridge the gap between residential and commercial concepts and is now used widely in the office furniture industry. Proponents believe more inviting work environments help workers relax so they can collaborate more naturally. To do this, designers introduce the comforts of home into the working environment.

A resimercial designer balances colors, materials, textures, fabrics and patterns that exude warmth, security and familiarity with more practical concerns like durability, safety and productivity.

As the lines blur, people gravitate to physical environments because they feel less industrial and more like a second home where they are free to unleash creativity and be their best selves.

Components of Resimercial Workspaces

Resimercial concepts are the natural evolution of open-office floor plans and 21st-century worker expectations. Consider the following five reasons to include resimercial elements in your company's office design.

Where to Start

If you're looking for a place to start, consider lobbies, break rooms and seating areas. High-top seating around minimalist tables provides a place to work, eat, greet guests and hold meetings. Individuals should be able to unplug from their personal workstation without losing connectivity to the network for a fluid, dynamic workflow that makes it easy to change working areas. Seating areas in the lobby and in meeting spaces incorporate organic, plush furniture that maintains ergonomic functionality.

Appease Every Generation of Workers

People want to be comfortable and productive at every age. The open-concept design embraced by Millennials and the resimercial trends that subsequently evolved also appeal to baby boomers and generation X, who also want office spaces to look and feel good. When decision-makers choose resimercial designs, employees get the comfort and style they crave.

All generations want an office space that they like to be in. In fact, a recent survey shows that 64% of generation X, 58% of millennials and 59% of baby boomers would rather work in an inviting environment.

Promote Physical Wellness and Mental Health

Wellness and mental health have become an important part of corporate culture in recent decades, as the line between personal and professional lives have blurred. Late nights at the office, remote access to the office on weekends and after hours, and smartphones that keep people connected 24/7 all contributed to this trend.

As work days elongated and expanded outside of the office, decisionmakers realized sterile work environments were holding them back. Resimercial puts health and wellness at the core of office furniture design in the hopes of attracting and retaining workers.

Offers Choices for Different Types of Workers

People have different preferences for the ways they work. Some like the formality of sitting at a desk in their assigned space, others may prefer the flexibility of a table where they can spread out or work side-by-side with colleagues. Those with back problems may need to switch positions often and require a sit-stand desk to stay productive without triggering back pain.

Resimercial gives workers ample opportunity to find their personal productivity sweet spot by offering working spaces for different tasks and styles. Couches, hybrid and traditional desks and even bean bag chairs have found their way into flexible office spaces.

Encompasses Elements of Remote Working

In an interconnected world, it's becoming harder for employers to convince workers that a centralized workplace still makes sense from an individual perspective--although for managerial and accountability reasons, reporting to the office is still the overwhelming trend.

By offering the comforts of home at work, companies can more easily entice employees to the office. Flexible work options and luxurious spaces help modern offices compete with home offices--plus there are typically far fewer distractions at the office, especially for workers with children, roommates or pets. Resimercial blends the best of both worlds.

Focus on Design

Resimercial focuses on the design elements of comfort and aesthetics without sacrificing functionality or breaking the budget for office furniture. More small and large companies are realizing the benefits are investing in their corporate culture. At the same time, the end result still presents a polished look that impresses newcomers, clients and guests.

Wherever your company is at in terms of transforming your work areas, there are plenty of ways to start small, gauge the impact and invest your budget in the areas where resimercial can have the biggest impact.

To learn more about “resimercial” design in the workplace, contact Connecting Elements at 877-779-3409.




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