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What Does Your Workplace Design Say About Your Brand?

Seven seconds.

That’s all the time you have to make a first impression.

What’s someone likely to see during their first seven seconds in your workplace?

Even more importantly, what lasting impression of your brand will clients take away as they exit your doors?

The “you only get one chance to make a first impression” pressure is on, so dedicating time and resources to workplace design in an effort to effectively communicate your brand is a task worthy of your attention.

Branding through office design is a cost effective way to communicate your brand story over and over, to each client and employee who steps foot into your office space.

First, what is branding?

Your brand embodies the foundation of your company and serves as a way to express your company’s values, philosophy, heart and soul.

Though the word branding dates back to cattle ownership, today’s concept of branding has evolved substantially from what many understand it to be—simply selecting an identifiable marker. Branding is all of the activities an organization does to tell its business’ story and garner loyal customers. At its foundation, branding is the act of developing a sense of what a company stands for and communicating that brand message through various mediums.

From selecting a logo to identifying a signature color palette to adopting a brand voice, building a brand is a complex, yet critical, process that impacts the overall success of your business.

The Importance of Building Brand Awareness

Communicating a cohesive and well-developed brand can have a significant impact on your business’ bottom line.

A strong brand message enhances customer loyalty, which can be tremendously beneficial financially as customer loyalty can be worth ten times as much as a single purchase.

And it’s not just customers to whom branding matters. 82% of investors believe that brand strength is becoming increasingly important in guiding them to make investment decisions.

So how do you communicate your brand powerfully to those on the outside? Start on the inside.

Why reflect your brand through your office design?

Your employees will spend 92,120 hours at work during the course of a typical work life. The sheer amount of time employees will spend within your walls makes your work environment more than just a roof over your employees’ heads.

A thoughtfully branded workplace increases employees’ brand knowledge, which offers myriad benefits, including improved employee connection to your products and services as well as increased employee confidence in the brand itself.

Visitors will also be immersed in singular brand representation in your workplace, shaping their opinions of your products or services. Consistency across multiple platforms is a key way to make your brand memorable. You want visitors to remember you—representing your brand faithfully and consistently in your workplace is one way to foster a positive and lasting impression.

Where to start: Incorporating your brand into your office design

Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than we process words. By reflecting your brand in your office design, you are ensuring that what office workers or visitors see communicates your brand message loud and clear.

Incorporating your brand in your workplace goes far beyond plastering a logo prominently on a wall. Effective brand communication requires a comprehensive approach—office design included.

Is collaboration at the core of your brand message? Then clients entering your workplace shouldn’t see rows of cubicles, as this layout is decidedly contrary to that core value. Collaborative workspaces, on the other hand, get your brand’s message across.

Is health and wellness central to your branding? A workplace designed to promote health is a reflection of your commitment to this goal as a brand.

Now, keep in mind: a complete office design overhaul is not necessary to bring branding to the forefront of your workspace. In fact, take advantage of a few cost effective ways to communicate your brand to both employees and clients:

Give color to your brand

A signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%. If your brand colors are shades of blue, you certainly shouldn’t be conducting business in bright red conference rooms. From purchasing furniture in these hues to the paint on the walls, there are simple and affordable ways to immediately adopt your central color palette throughout the workplace.

Highlight your product or service

Highlighting a product or service with engaging displays or concept art is an easy way to provide a reminder of what it is you do and further endear both employees and customers to your company. Visually tell your company’s history. Prominently display your products. Feature the employees who embody your company culture.

Incorporate your employees

Speaking of employees, don’t leave them out of the workplace design process. Conduct a survey or hold a focus group, asking employees how they feel about the office design and encouraging them to provide suggestions for ways to incorporate the brand in the work environment. Employee involvement fosters ownership, pride and a deeper understanding of your brand.

Leave your mark!

Communicating your brand is key. Your workplace is a blank canvas over which you have design decision-making control. Given these two factors, why wouldn’t you want to use your workspace as a vehicle for brand communication? By starting small and keeping your brand story in mind, transform your bland workspace into a brilliant reflection of your brand story.

Need some help? That’s what we’re here for.

Contact us online, or give us a call at 877-779-3409 to start exploring ways to reflect your brand in your office design.



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