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The Hospitality Market & Office Design: Where to Start?

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As a professional in hospitality, you want to offer experiences that make your clients feel welcome and catered to. Ideally, your guests will find value and a sense of belonging in the spaces you establish.

How do you evoke those feelings in your clients?

A surefire way to begin building a cozy and interactive community is through intentional design and furniture selections. 

New Technology in the Workspace for 2018

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Technology is developing exponentially.

And this rapid growth can be intimidating, especially if you’re tasked with ensuring your office space is technologically up-to-date.

But who can afford a brand new tech overhaul every year and a half? And more importantly, is every update and upgrade necessary for employees to do their best work?

Is Commercial Grade Furniture Worth It?

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Decisions, decisions.

Your blank slate of an office is in need of furniture, but your well-defined budget marks the first page in your design playbook.

You've heard commercial grade furniture will stand the test of time, but more affordable residential furniture sure does appeal to your budget.

3D Printers & The Potential Impact on Commercial Design

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Remember the controversy over 3D printed guns or the excitement about 3D printed houses?

3D printing has gained quite a bit of hype in recent years, yet in the commercial design world, it has yet to hit a tipping point.

Will 3D printing eventually become a game-changer for commercial design, or will it be just a fad?


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