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Furniture Design Considerations for Industrial Business Owners

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The investment in industrial office furniture can quickly become overwhelming with numerous options, unique safety requirements, a budget, and a tight timeline to think about. Luckily, today’s furniture market offers a wide variety of industrial-specific options. How do you know what furniture options will be the best value and functionality for your industrial business? 

Emergency Response: Preparing A Business For Any Disaster

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When disaster strikes, businesses need a backup plan for how to care for employees and assist local authorities in responding to epidemic or pandemic situations. There are a number of emergency response products to help organizations isolate, test and treat infected or injured employees and members of the public.

Retrofitting Your Workplace to Promote Wellness and Follow Pandemic Guidelines

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Does protecting employees mean a return to Mad Men-style offices or long rows of cavernous cubicles per the 1990s? 2020 has been a monumental year of change for people across to the world due to the COVID19 pandemic, and the modern office space is feeling those effects

Commercial Flooring: Considerations for Your Office Space

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In this article, you will learn just how important flooring is to your office space and why it should never be an afterthought when it comes to office space design. 

Starting with the color of the design to the direction you orient it, flooring helps you define functional areas without spoiling the continuity of your interior vision. 

How to Create a Resimercial Workspace?

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Sterile furnishings, cold cubicles and white walls have become talent deterrents in the workplace. According to Staples' 2019 Workplace Survey, 52% of respondents felt their open workspace encouraged distractions and 40% felt their office was too open.


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