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Reinvention of the Public Library: The Hub of the Community

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Once upon a time, “looking something up” required a trip to the library. For the average American, those days are long gone. In today’s high-tech age, information is readily at our fingertips. We are using and processing that information quite differently than we did even a decade ago. In a world dominated by screens and....

Coworking Space Design—3 Things To Consider

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Coworking spaces have existed for years, but they’re now gaining popularity faster than ever before. The growing “unattached” workforce is a major contributing factor to the rapid influx of coworking facilities.

After all, the entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers and...

6 Non-Aligned Alternatives to Knoll Office Furniture That Won’t Break the Bank

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If you’re a commercial interior designer, Knoll furniture has likely crossed your idea board time and time again. Knoll uses the most innovative techniques in office furniture design to create comfortable, attractive furnishings that are both sleek and modern.

But as well-designed as these products are, they’re not always the right fit for your project. If your client is a...

What Will The Office Of The Future Look Like?

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Herman Miller, Inc. introduced the open office concept in the 1960s. Since then, there’s been an ongoing debate between two camps: people who support “traditional” enclosed office spaces and those for “modern” open offices.

Although aesthetics have changed over the...


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