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3D Printers & The Potential Impact on Commercial Design

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Remember the controversy over 3D printed guns or the excitement about 3D printed houses?

3D printing has gained quite a bit of hype in recent years, yet in the commercial design world, it has yet to hit a tipping point.

Will 3D printing eventually become a game-changer for commercial design, or will it be just a fad?

Office Furniture Trends to Watch for in 2018

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What’s trending for office furniture in 2018?

Ergonomic chairs? Adjustable-height, standing desks? Stationary desk bikes?

Actually, 2018 promises to shift focus away from specific models and makes, and instead turn the industry’s attention toward an office design approach that’s inspiring the most innovative workspaces.

How to Speed Up Commercial Contracts with Staging

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You’ve done the hard work to get eyes on your commercial property. From property listing websites, to for-lease and for-sale signs, appointments are being set.

But once commercial space shoppers are inside your doors, how do you keep them there?

How do you get them to visualize themselves in your space and eventually sign a contract?


Unconventional Workspaces: Life Beyond the (Cubicle) Walls

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When was the last time you took a nap at your desk?

Better question: when was the last time you wanted to take a nap at your desk?

According to a NASA study, a 26-minute nap helps improve employee performance by 34% and alertness by 54%.


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