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Designing Corporate Spaces: A Psychological Approach

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Investing in office design is an investment in your employees. Companies are discovering that purposeful design of office spaces is increasing employee productivity and improving employee performance, which yields more profit and saves money over time.

How do you work? The Rise of the 5th Work Mode.

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The meeting notification on your desktop signals a strategy session that’s starting in an hour.

You shift into focus mode as you review notes from meetings prior. A silent, uninterrupted brainstorm produces the ideas you’ll bring to the table.

New Office Trends: A Look at Innovative Offices

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Have you ever arrived early for a job interview and surveyed your surroundings?

Maybe you noticed the coffee mug rings on archaic desks and the 80s-vintage art, suggesting what the daily routine might be like. As you fidgeted in your uncomfortable, threadbare chair, you probably weighed your options.


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