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New Office Trends: A Look at Innovative Offices

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Have you ever arrived early for a job interview and surveyed your surroundings?

Maybe you noticed the coffee mug rings on archaic desks and the 80s-vintage art, suggesting what the daily routine might be like. As you fidgeted in your uncomfortable, threadbare chair, you probably weighed your options.

The Aging Workforce: How Does Office Design Factor In?

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You've just completed a successful project with your diverse team. With a satisfied stretch, you scan the office, grateful for the individual strengths your employees bring to the table.

The millennials, who seem to be enjoying the lastest...

Designing Wellness-Minded Spaces for Your Employees

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Inhale… pause… exhale. Inhale… pause… exhale.....

Settle into your surroundings and continue this calming breath. Now envision a workplace as calming as your yoga mat. Or if you're not that into yoga, think about what does bring you a serene break in the midst of a hectic day.

The Psychology Behind Designing For Millennials

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Every so often, as generations move through the workforce, employers have to adapt to remain competitive and attract the best talent. We’re in the midst of such a shift. As of 2015, millennials make up the biggest share of the US workforce...


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