School Furniture

School Furniture For All Ages

Early Childhood (Preschool)

Preschool furniture should complement the way kids think and move, how they explore and learn throughout early childhood. Small children need school furniture designed with them in mind, from toddler-sized tables and chairs for structured learning time to tiny book stands for a classroom library. School furniture in preschools should encourage developing motor skills and inspire the imagination.

The formative early childhood years set the stage for the rest of a child’s educational journey from elementary and middle school to high school and college. That’s why an inviting, comfortable environment is crucial for children who are just getting started in school.

Primary and Secondary (K-12)

For many adults, the phrase “school furniture” conjures up memories of uncomfortable wooden tablet arm desks with gum stuck to the underside of the tablet and students’ initials carved into the top or of hard plastic chairs waiting to shock unsuspecting occupants with static electricity.

Fortunately, future generations of school children, from kindergarten to high school, don’t have to share in those memories. Today’s designers, craftspeople and manufacturers have access to better tools, materials and technologies. And that means more functional, more comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing school furniture is readily available.

Collaborative desks allow for adaptable classrooms that can quickly transform from quiet places of independent work into bustling work spaces centered around teamwork. The school library can serve as a hub for creative thinking with seating that promotes social learning. And speaking of the social aspect of school, the common areas and cafeteria need comfortable, durable school furniture for students to enjoy during downtime.


College students know a thing or two about pulling an all-nighter at the library and putting in long hours at the lab to finish a project or prepare for a test. And the furniture they use impacts their performance. Uncomfortable furniture distracts from studying because the occupant has to constantly readjust in order to find a comfy position. What’s worse, poor quality furniture causes back pain and bad posture.

Tables and chairs alone won’t cover the school furniture needs of colleges. Universities aren’t just educational institutions; colleges are also home to a majority of their students. A college dormitory is a home away from home, so dorm furniture must provide the same creature comforts. And with thousands of students rotating in and out of classrooms, dormitories and common areas day in and day out, colleges and universities need high-quality, ergonomic furniture that’s made to last.

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