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What's involved in office furniture and cubicle consulting?

When you consult with someone, you ask for advice, refer to them for more information, or rely on them to give you professional advice with a regard for your feelings or interests.

Our team of office furniture sales and space planning and design professionals will happily meet with you, visit your office space, get a feel for your business and your needs and be there for you to discuss all of your questions and concerns every step along the way. We'll propose new ideas and illustrate concepts that you may be less familiar with. We will serve as your office furniture professors, whether you just need a new file cabinet, or you need 110 private offices for new staff.

Why should you have our office furniture and cubicle consultants at your fingertips?

Because your valuable time and resources are devoted to your own business's success, let Connecting Elements worry about how to fit more chairs in your lobby; research the best reception station manufacturers that are in your budget; or demonstrate if your office will be more efficient with private desks, or if cubicles are the way to go to crank out more results and happier employees. We have over 285 collective years' of experience dealing with office furniture, so you can trust us to Make Your Office Work for you!

What is Office Space Planning?

Mapping out the furnishings and space in your commercial facility is an integral part of your business's growth. Why? Because defining the placement, configuration, finishes and options of each desk, cubicle, file cabinet, and other furnishings is a strong investment in ensuring the workflow moves as efficiently as possible and that the workspace promotes a positive and productive atmosphere. Utilization of our friendly and creative office space planners can help your business to prepare for future growth and work force changes by suggesting furniture selections that can be easily added to or reconfigured.

What will your Space Planning team do?

Your space planners will work closely with you and your account manager from the start to finish of your project, and beyond.

  • They will visit your office to take precise measurements and get a sense of your company atmosphere and discern the environment you'd like to provide. 
  • They will be a fundamental part of the consultations between you and your account manager, researching and suggesting options that will meet your goals.
  • They will create detailed drawings of the products you decide on, as they will be placed in your space, ensuring all spacing and configurations meet legal, fire and safety regulations.
  • Once the final choices and configurations are confirmed, they will work diligently with your account manager, the purchasing department and the installation department to assure your project goes smoothly and is On Time and Complete.

Let our experienced, creative, and meticulous Space Planners get your workflow moving smoothly, beautifully and productively!

Moving your entire business from one location to another, even if it's just to a different floor in the same building, can be a daunting and nerve-racking headache to tackle. You're not just moving your own things, you're moving items that belong to tens, hundreds, even thousands of different people. Often these items are highly confidential, extremely delicate, or unimaginably heavy. When you start a commercial relocation, there are myriads of questions that need answers, such as:

  • How long will the move take?
  • Will it need to be done all at once, or in phases?
  • Do you have an inventory of everything that will be moved?
  • Who will manage the move?
  • What should be packed in boxes?
  • How should boxes be packed?
  • What kind of labeling system do you need?
  • How can you be sure delicate objects are handled properly?
  • Where do you find crews and moving vehicles that have what you'll need for your specialty equipment?
  • How do you move all your computers, phones and office equipment?
  • What if some things need to be stored elsewhere for a while?

Our project managers have years of hands-on experience and countless successful commercial relocations under their belts. Let them take much of the stress of your office move off your shoulders, and get the job done...On Time and Complete! 


Do you need to stick to a modest budget with a quick turnaround? We can help you decide if you should take advantage of our vast inventory of used and refurbished cubicles and office furnishings, or select from our manufacturers who specialize in budget-friendly and quick-ship furnishings. 

Or maybe you're ready to choose from the extensive premium and custom options, and you want to make sure you get the best for your dollar. It's our job to know the market and make sure that happens for you.

Do you have several locations and need to make sure your choices are interchangeable and coordinate between all offices? Let us take the guesswork out of it by laying out the most efficient and productive plans that tie your offices together, simply.

We will present you with options that you can see (and often, feel), and visually demonstrate how it translates in your office space. Finally, you'll be presented with your final selections to sign off on so you can be sure your furnishings will be exactly what you want.


Our years of experience work in your favor in procurement too. We will place your orders in a way that gives you the best price and ship date possible for your chosen furnishings. Your approved quote is used to order your furnishings and cubicles, contributing towards having a detailed record of every step of the procurement process. Our procurement department meticulously tracks every item and option that is ordered for you from the submission of the order request to the receipt of your new products. On the rare occasion that a mistake occurs, we will act quickly to make it right for you. What you choose is what you receive, at the price you're quoted.


Your office furnishings and cubicles are ready to be installed! Your account manager and our scheduling manager will work with you to devise everything that is needed to be sure the installation of your furnishings goes efficiently and with a minimum of disruption to your staff and surroundings. They will ensure the proper equipment and most suitable supervised installation crew are assigned to your project.

Your account manager will review your space with you and let you know what needs to happen before the furniture can be installed so you don't have any surprises. Just some of the items that we will make sure everyone is aware of are:

  • If and when you will need electricians or IT professionals.
  • How the areas in question should be set up to prepare for the installation.
  • What kind of space our trucks will need and where they are allowed to park.
  • What plan there will be for accessing your building.
  • What plan we have for leaving the installation area clean and free of debris and trash.
  • What time we will arrive and leave each day.
  • If there are any special entry or safety requirements or approvals needed. 
  • Who will be on-site to do a walk-through of the completed installation and approve the finished project.

Our goal is to be sure that your project is completed with the utmost professionalism and care.

Our Guarantees

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