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Property Staging: Commercial & Real Estate

Connecting Elements specializes in staging the interiors of commercial properties which in turn can increase sales or reduce the time it takes to find a suitable lease.

If you’re looking for help with creating a model office for one or more of your commercial properties, we have the experience, training, design team, award-winning installation department, and more that you need to create the perfect look. And because we specialize in designing and furnishing beautiful office spaces, we have the knowledge of trending office interiors that will help “wow” potential tenants.

Commercial management companies turn to Connecting Elements when they are frustrated with:

  • long sales cycles
  • lengthy time to rent
  • high turnover rates
  • and more

Staging a model office in a commercial property is just like staging a home for sale. The real struggle is figuring out how to fill the interior of the commercial office space you are trying to lease, and how to do it in a way that works with your profit margins.

You see, not only does it take time and resources to bring it all together, commercial interior design requires a creative visionary. Someone who can see the big picture, drill into the most intricate details and select the perfect piece of furniture for the given space. You need a team who have the drive and the background in commercial office interiors to give you the look you need to capture the interest of the perfect tenant.

Every little touch point matters and that’s where Connecting Elements can help.

We have everything on-hand to make your project turn-key. That includes what to put in your space, how much it will cost, and how much time it will take to bring everything to completion.


While the real estate company is taking care of the landscaping and cleaning of the space, we’re hard at work providing you with the edge you need to quickly move your office space.

Meanwhile, our professional interior designers are carefully selecting the perfect collection to fill your space.

The result is you’ll have a beautifully designed model office filled with affordable, modern office furniture specifically designed to attract potential buyers or tenants.

Clients Say...

We have used and recommended Connecting Elements for years. Simply put, they're easy to work with and they do what they say they will do. As a commercial property manager, I can't tell you how rare that is. Whenever we have a tenant that needs office furniture or relocation services we recommend Connecting Elements.

Client: Colliers Keenan

In short, people reach out to us when they:

  • Are striving to rent or sell their commercial property quickly
  • Want to enhance the appearance of their office space by creating a positive impression
  • Want to show the properties true potential and WOW buyers and investors
  • Desire to help buyers visualize their own business being located in the space
  • Want to eliminate negative points of the property and accentuate the positive

Did you know…

On average, commercial brokers make more money and sell or lease the property faster when commercial spaces are well appointed with beautiful office furniture.

Not to mention, properties stand out more in online photos because a picture is a visual aid that conveys not only the reality but the possibilities too.

In addition to being a full service dealership, we also offer your new tenants a one-stop-shop for helping them obtain new furniture, relocating, and/or reconfigure existing furniture.

“We are a valued partner that a property broker can put in his arsenal to seal a deal.”

Matt Brosius, Owner Connecting Elements

We assist with professional property staging, including:

  • Interior Space Planning
  • Design Services
  • Commercial Relocation Services for Tenants
  • New Furniture Purchases and More

Connecting Elements continues to grow because we give attention to detail, work closely with you to ensure your goals are met, and we treat you like you’re one of our own.

Over the years we’ve designed and furnished thousands of different types of commercial properties and businesses. We bring all this experience under one roof to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We are different from the other guys because we don’t just offer another place to buy and lease commercial office furniture. Connecting Elements offers a mutually beneficial partnership based on your specific needs.

For example, we’re already setup to help a property broker’s prospective customer relocate their existing office, plan and design their new office space, and purchase new furniture.

Bottom line…

We’re a source the prospective tenants of property brokers’ can rely on.

Plus, you have the benefit of our unique Triple Guarantee.

Here’s How It Works

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2. Assess Property.

We’ll meet with you, view the property, and discuss your goals, budget, timeline, and preferences.

3. Get Started

Once we’ve decided to work together, we will work out the details of our partnership, call in one of our commercial designers and space planners, and put together a design plan and budget.


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