Case Study: G&P Trucking

Corporate | Columbia SC

Client: G&P Trucking

The Situation:
G&P Trucking is a premiere truckload freight carrier service company based in Columbia SC, whose strategy revolves around a focused approach to serve specific customers requiring exceptional service to target markets, allowing them to provide outstanding service to their customers and to be a preferred place to work for professional truck drivers. They have been a wonderful customer of ours since 2011 and have been on the road to upgrading their office space throughout this time to match their sophisticated, warm, and modern environment. Each area of their space has been up-fitted in phases, to allow as little disruption to their workflow as possible. We have been happy to help them on this endeavor.

The Problem:
The challenge was -

  • Coordinating the displacement of the existing personnel into (2) double-wide office trailers located behind the main building so they could continue to get their jobs done during the renovations of their respective areas. 
  • Making sure all of the furniture ordered for each area was going to be in before it was needed, which required a lot of coordination between the CEI design team and purchasing department.
  • Quickly and efficiently installing their new furniture as each area was completed.
  • Getting the displaced employees moved into their new areas as fast and smoothly as possible.
  • Staying on top of communication and site visits to work with the client in carefully mapping out each move.

Our Solution:
Our client did a fantastic job of organizing the entire renovation process, which went a long way towards a successful project. Our account manager and space planner sat down with G&P Trucking on an almost-weekly basis to update the flow chart schedule of events. They kept tight communication with the purchasing and installation managers to make sure everything was sticking to the schedule. The account manager and design team presented a selection of furnishings that they had ensured would easily meet both the aesthetic and durability needs, and the time frames required. They selected laminates and fabrics that helped accentuate a clean yet warm environment and were tough.

The Results:
Everyone worked together as a team - both client and Connecting Elements - and the newest phases of renovations and furnishings at G&P Trucking were completed, on time and on budget. G&P Trucking has commented how they feel CEI provided an "outstanding value" and high level of service for them, and we love working with G&P. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them in helping them grow!

Featured Products:

  • AIS Divi product was selected for the workstations, featuring sophisticated and durable Wild Cherry laminate panels, Carbon EV laminate tops, and Grey Value 1 paint trim.
  • AIS Element task chairs and executive chairs were utilized for most of the seating.
  • Global Total Office was chosen for the private office furniture desks and storage, particularly their Zira line.
  • Symmetry Office provided the unique monitor arms needed in several areas.
  • Webcoat made the floor-mounted benches used in the shower areas.
  • Storage and shelving were a combination of shelving and organizers from Safco and Aurora Storage.


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