Case Study: Allied Air Enterprises

Manufacturing | Columbia SC

Client: Allied Air Enterprises

The Situation:
Allied Air Enterprises is  a top quality heating and cooling solutions provider in the Columbia SC area. From compact residential applications to large commercial projects, Allied Air Enterprises redefines ease-of-business through breadth of product, resources and competencies unparalleled in the market. Having been a steadfast Connecting Elements customer since their local office first opened in 2006 - for which CEI handled the initial furnishings - they came to us in early 2013 to help them with an internal expansion  of their service and storage areas. As their business grew, they developed an intense demand for more space for their technicians' training, a separate work area for their service managers, and a director's office.

The Problem:
The challenge was -

  • Space planning of the mezzanine area that needed to be redesigned to create a more effective training area.
  • Consolidating and securing their entire file storage area.
  • Building a locking room for the file storage.
  • Designing workstations for the service area in the mezzanine area.

Our Solution:
By working closely with several of their facilities personnel through weekly meetings, our sales and design department created a layout for the mezzanine and file storage areas that created (12) workstations with full height walls; a large 10' high office; a private meeting room; a highly functional training area with flip top tables that were built with heavy duty supports so the technicians in training could put heavy equipment on the tables, plus chairs that stack and are easy to wipe down but are comfortable, and a multipurpose whiteboard; a 12' high locking wire room to safely store all files. The 12' high locking wire room for the files was the key to opening up the space in the rest of the mezzanine that was needed.

The Results:
Allied Air now has the expanded and highly functional technician training and service areas they'd been needing, as well as the secure yet easily accessible file storage room. They feel that CEI fully understood their vision for the mezzanine space from the beginning and were precise throughout the planning process and all the way through to the completion of the project.

Featured Products:

  • WireCrafters - 12' high lockable wire partitions for file consolidation area - Gray paint finish
  • AIS Divi - workstations and rooms for service technicians' area. Twizzle tan fabric panels, Medium Tone paint trim, Grey glass
  • Moore Co - multipurpose whiteboards, including the Evolution board.
  • Global Total Office - meeting room table in Avant Honey and Twilight side chairs in Honey wood with Quantum Blue Haven fabric seats. Training room chairs - Sonic poly shell in blue.
  • Special T - training area Structure flip top tables with heavy duty support to hold heavy equipment in Dove Grey laminate.

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