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Interior Office Design Charlotte, NC : Your Connection for Interior Design Ideas

Most people don’t realize that Connecting Elements is an industry leader in interior office design in Charlotte, NC. We’re well known for office furniture sales and installation, but we provide a much higher level of service than that.

We work in tandem with our Charlotte, NC clients in everything from office interior design, to space planning, to furnishings and installation. We want to create the best office environment for your comfort, productivity, and most of all your enjoyment of the space you’re in.

office furniture charlotte ncThe Importance of Interior Office Design

Interior office design entails more than merely slapping on a coat of paint or rearranging office furniture in your Charlotte, NC office. Interior design also addresses comfort, mood and morale, all of which enhance productivity in the workplace.

Did you know?

  • Ergonomics is a key factor in increasing employee comfort and morale
  • Office color scheme can alter the mood of employees and clients
  • Natural lighting is a natural mood enhancer
  • Adding a small potted plant to your desk decor is one of the quickest and easiest ways you can maximize productivity

Even if this is not news to you, “knowing” and “know-how” are two separate things. Entrust our experts to enhance the interior office design of your Charlotte, NC headquarters to maximize mood, morale, and productivity.

Don’t Tackle Interior Office Design Alone

We are the experts in:

  • Interior office design in Charlotte, NC
  • Creating the ideal office space that works for you and your business
  • Office space planning
  • Expertise in building codes & standards and sustainable design

At Connecting Elements, our interior office design team in Charlotte, NC always considers the need for flexibility to changing demands and ways of working. We offer original concepts and help clients translate abstract office design ideas to reality. We’re especially skilled at merging aesthetics with office space requirements.

Our “Accurate Quote Guarantee”

“Bill shock” is never an issue when you work with us. What we quote is what you pay, guaranteed, provided the specifications don’t change. We've developed a process that enables us to accurately identify all the requirements of your interior office design project in Charlotte, NC.

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Charlotte, NC may be known as a hustling, bustling city, but your office doesn't have to reflect its chaotic nature. Contact us today to get started on enhancing the interior design of your office at your Charlotte, NC headquarters for maximum organization and productivity.


Our service area includes both of the Carolinas and surrounding locations.

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