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Office Chairs - Charlotte, NC

Are you experiencing back pains from long days in your office chair? Do you find yourself constantly adjusting or fidgeting in your chair to find a comfortable sitting position? Well, you’re not alone. Many office chairs in Charlotte, NC provide insufficient back support leading to worker fatigue and discomfort. Ultimately, this can affect your ability to be productive and make even the shortest of days drag on.

office chairs charlotte nc

But, enough is enough! It’s time to get a better office chair. At Connecting Elements, our office furniture experts can help you find the best seating solution for your needs. We offer a variety of office chairs in Charlotte, NC including those made for desks, call center stations, executive offices, conference rooms, healthcare settings, educational environments, and the office lobby. No matter what you’re in the market for (even if you've seen it in someone else’s office), we can help you find your next office chairs.

Not all office chairs are created equal

Finding the best office chairs in Charlotte, NC should be an experimental process. Since not all chairs are created equal, the most effective way to get the comfort and durability you’re looking for is to try before you buy. Sitting in your potential chair is essential to finding the best fit for your body and to minimize your pain. Remember: Your selection will have an impact not only on your productivity, but also your wellness.

When selecting a chair, you should begin with the end-use in mind. So, before you make a purchase, consider the following:

  • 1. What type of business will utilize the chair? For instance, a university chair will have different needs than a doctor’s office chair.

  • 2. Where will the chair be physically used? A chair could sit under a desk, in front of a teller-type station, around a conference table, by a hot/sunny window, outdoors, etc.?

  • 3. What would you like the office chair to do? Should it roll, swivel, adjust or stack?

  • 4. How many people will use the chair each day and for how long? A heavy-duty chair will be required if a chair is used for 24 hours a day, for example.

  • 5. How much weight you will your chair need to support? As a rule of thumb, the average office chairs support 250 lbs. Some chairs, however, need to support more weight. To do so, you should plan to purchase a heavy-duty chair. Otherwise, you will run the risk of cylinders breaking, casters snapping, bases cracking, and fabric tearing.

  • 6. Does the user require special accommodations? Namely, does he or she require an office chair to support shoulder, elbow, hand, back, or knee issues?

  • 7. Will the chair need to accommodate any special equipment? Equipment such as tool belts, holsters or handheld devices?

  • 8. Does the chair need to withstand above-average use? For instance, does the chair need extra tough upholstery that doesn't tear easy or is antibacterial in nature?

  • 9. Do you need an ergonomic chair? Ergonomic office chairs are highly adjustable for both seat and back support and are recommended for people who use their chair 8 hours a day or more.

If you’re tired of sitting in that rickety office chair day in and day out, we understand! Connecting Elements is your source for office chairs in Charlotte, NC. Give us a call today.



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