office chairs columbia sc

Office Chairs Columbia, SC

Are your old, unreliable office chairs in Columbia, SC causing you and your workers pain and discomfort while risking serious injury? Are your employees taking time off work due to chronic back problems? Are creaky, shabby-looking office chairs setting a work environment that's unpleasant for employees and unimpressive to clients?

Enough already!

Connecting Elements has the office chairs to give your office a much-needed face-lift and solve your ergonomic issues.

office chairs columbia sc

It's not just about looks

While it's true that worn-out office chairs send a message of obsolescence and exhaustion to clients and visitors, your problems go much deeper than a simple first impression. You and your employees are probably spending about a quarter of your waking hours sitting in those rickety chairs.

Uncomfortable seating can lead to:

  • Tired backs (and backsides)
  • Increased absences due to poor physical health
  • Decreased productivity

And you and your workers run the risk of permanent health issues. These are serious problems. And they're easily solved, with comfortable, reliable office chairs from Connecting Elements.

Not all office chairs in Columbia, SC are the same

The office furniture pros at Connecting Elements will help you find the perfect seating solutions for your needs, whether you're furnishing a:

  • Series of modular desks
  • Call center
  • Conference room
  • Executive office
  • Medical or educational setting
  • Or a visitor's lobby

Our comprehensive selection of office chairs is sure to include just what you're looking for - even if it's furniture you've seen in another office.

The key to finding the right seating for your business is experimentation. There's really no way to judge the comfort of an office chair in Columbia, SC - or anywhere, for that matter - without spending some time sitting in it. To find the durable comfort you need, you've got to try before you buy. It's the only way to ensure you've found the chair that will have a positive impact on your physical health and mental well-being.

Tips for making the right choice.

Do you believe in using the right tool for the job? The same logic works when you're choosing office chairs. So be sure to consider these important questions before you make your purchase:

Setting - What type of office are you furnishing? A school setting will have much different needs than a doctor's office, for example. And where will the chair be located? Will it be moving from indoors to outside? Is it destined for the conference room, or behind a bank teller's window?

Function - How do you imagine this chair functioning most conveniently? Should it be stackable or adjustable? Do you need it to swivel or tilt? Should the chair be able to accommodate special equipment like handheld devices or bulky tool belts?

Use - How many people will be using the chair on a daily basis, and for how many hours? Especially heavy use, as in a 24-hour concern, will require firmer construction and stain-resistant fabrics. Or do you need heavy-duty seating that can support more weight than normal? Most office chairs in Columbia, SC are designed to handle weights up to 250 pounds during a regular 8-hour day. Overload them and fabrics start tearing, casters snap and bases crack. Avoid these issues by choosing chairs with higher weight capacities.

Special considerations - Are you looking for ergonomic solutions? Do you have an employee with special physical issues that require extra support for back, knees, or legs? Or are you experiencing problems of your own? If your back is already aching and your legs and ankles are beginning to swell, choose an ergonomic chair with highly adjustable support for your body. It's the best option for folks who spend more than 8 hours a day sitting at a desk.

We're your go-to guys in Columbia, SC

You and your workers have already spent enough time sitting in those rickety, uncomfortable chairs. It's time to get up, stretch your legs and find the office chairs in Columbia, SC that businesses love. Visit or contact Connecting Elements today, and experience the difference that comes with truly supportive seating.



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