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Office Interior Design - Columbia, SC

Is your office interior design configured for optimum energy efficiency and maximum productivity? Does office lighting provide a bright, motivating ambiance for employees, or is a poorly lit office lowering company morale? Or maybe you have an outdated floor plan that complicates work flow that's creating work flow problems and sending a message of sloppiness and obsolescence to your clients?

Connecting Elements has the design solutions to bring your Columbia, SC office into the 21st century.

office interior design columbia sc

How important is office interior design?

Far more than simply slapping on a new coat of paint or shuffling office furniture from one place to another, office interior design has a direct effect on the comfort, morale and productivity of employees. At Connecting Elements we partner with our Columbia, SC clients to create the best, most productive office environment, from space planning to updating and installing furniture.

Go green

With energy costs ever on the rise, a new office design can save money and reduce operating expenses for years to come. Growing businesses looking at expanding or relocating offices can keep costs low by redesigning current spaces for better efficiency.

Get tech-savvy

Your re-design can easily incorporate new technology by providing built-in areas for connectivity. It's the perfect opportunity to make your office more tech-friendly with efficient touches like communications consoles for conference rooms.

Give the right impression

Your office design speaks volumes about your business. It expresses to visitors your company work ethic and culture and creates a first impression that lingers. Make that first impression a positive one with a hard-working, aesthetically pleasing office design.

Trust the experts at Connecting Elements to create an office space that works with:

  • Ergonomic design for employee health and comfort
  • Attention to lighting and color scheme for a more positive ambiance
  • Energy efficient design that saves money and contributes to a better environment
  • Dedicated space for office technology
  • A dynamic look that creates the right impression with visitors

Why choose us for your office interior design in Columbia, SC?

In addition to being one of the most popular suppliers and installers of office furniture in the Columbia, SC area, we're also an industry leader in Columbia, SC office interior design. We provide our clients with original concepts and help them translate great design from the drawing table into reality. Not to mention improving office productivity through well thought out design.

Beautiful, practical and dependable

We're especially proud of our designers' ability to merge contemporary aesthetics with the practical considerations of space and work flow. Whether you're hoping to project an image of solidity and security or cutting-edge tech, our designers will create office solutions that give the right impression and provide the right conveniences.

There are no unfortunate surprises when you choose Connecting Elements for your office design. We've built a streamlined process over the years that helps us to assess your design needs, requirements and goals accurately and meet them all to your perfect satisfaction.

Established, professional and efficient

When you partner with Connecting Elements, you get all the benefits of working with an established professional design team, including:

  • Skilled, attentive service
  • Creative, efficient use of space
  • Access to a wide variety of sustainable products and green design
  • Solid knowledge of local building codes and standards

Need some extra assurance?

There's no need to worry. Our in-house staff will complete all the work for your Columbia, SC office interior design from initial planning to final installation to your full satisfaction. We back this promise with our three iron-clad guarantees:

Pricing - The price we quote after all changes in specifications are made is the price you pay. Period.

Completion - Your office design is fully realized, installed and ready for business on or before the date we promised or installation is free.

Maintenance - As a free service, our crew will make twice-per-year maintenance visits for the first two years after the date of your purchase.

There's no need to tackle your office interior design problems on your own - not when Connecting Elements in Columbia, SC is here with the creative, cost-effective solutions you're looking for. Contact us today and let's get started making your office more beautiful, more efficient and more productive.


Our service area includes both of the Carolinas and surrounding locations.

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